Good Domain Name

Tips to Make Good Domain Name


Domain is one of the things that cannot be separated and ignored when it is about website. Website cannot be accessed without domain. In this case, there are several points to see related to the domain. Of course, it is necessary to make good domain name. Domain name must be good since it is needed to make the website known by others. It has also impact on its possibility to get more visitors or viewers. In this case, the first things to see is about its length. It is very important to make the domain short. Domain name must be short, but it cannot be too short since it will only be another problem. When the domain name is short, it is easier to remember. You can see that most of the websites of famous brands has short domain name. They are easy to remember and of course, it is easy to type them whenever want to access the website.

Then, it is important to make the domain name sound like a brand. This point is so suitable when you are dealing with website for business. In business, it is important to have brand name. in this case, when you brand name is just one word for example, then it can be made directly as the domain name. However, when it is about name of company and it may consist of some word, you can make it into acronym. This is effective also to make a brand, and it is still not too long as what is said on the previous point. However, it is not recommended to use abbreviation since sometimes it is quite difficult to remember. That is why it is better to make acronym.

Then, the other thing is to make sure that the brand name is easy to pronounce. This is very important since it is related to the processing in the brain. Brain will be able to process things easier when it is easy to pronounce. Of course, it will make the domain name easy to remember. People will not have problem also to say the domain name when it has easy pronunciation. Moreover, it also needs easy and correct spelling. When it has easy pronunciation yet its spelling is difficult, then it may make the brain hard to process and it will be difficult to type the domain name or website address. That is why it must be considered well. By considering these points, of course it is possible to get good domain name.

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