Making a Good Domain Name

Making a Good Domain NameDomain name has important role in website. Domain name is not only just for the address of the website. In fact, it can also have effects on the chances of obtaining many viewers or visitors. That is why people need to make a good domain name, so it can raise its possibility to be viewed and visited. In this case, there are several points to see. First point is to make the domain name look like a name of brand. This is important to do. People need to make the domain name as if it is a name of brand, especially when it is for business website. This will make people easy to remember the domain since it is related to the brand.

Then, people should make the domain name easy to pronounce. This is very useful since it is easier to remember domain name that has easy pronunciation. Brain can easily process and keep the things that is easy to pronounce and it is the reason. Of course, it is also helpful for people when they need to tell others about the name of the website. In this case, it is also better to have easy spelling of the domain name. It is not only about the pronunciation, but it should also have easy and correct spelling, so whenever people say it, other can easily type and find the domain.

Then, domain name should be short. It should be short, but it cannot be too short. in this case, it is better to have around 5 up to 10 characters. To make it easier, it is possible to make the acronym of the website or product name. This is better than making abbreviation since sometimes people may have problem in spelling the abbreviation, yet acronym can work better. With some of these points, of course domain name will be more interesting and they will be easier to remember.

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