Understanding Of Domains

Understanding Of Domains In More Detailed Manners

For those who often do blogging activities on the internet must be familiar with the term domains. But not necessarily everyone knows and knows very well the word domains and the ins and outs. So what are the definitions that define and relate to domains?

Domains and its comprehension

According to one famous wikipedia site, domains have a unique name given to identify the name of a computer server such as a web server or e-mail server on a computer or internet network. Sometimes domain names are also called URLs. So actually the meaning of domains is the same as the URL.

How Domains Work

After knowing the domain definition that has been mentioned by wikipedia can be concluded if the domains have the meaning of an address that is used to visit a particular site to make it easier. After the term domain, the term hosting will definitely appear. If the domain is the address of a site, then hosting is where the website or domain lives example.

Domain types

There are several types of domains available. Among others are

– Top Level Domain (TLD)

Top Level Domain is the final part of a domain. Or the part that follows the dot at the end of the URL. This Top Level Domain is still divided into two types. The first is the Country-Specific Top Level Domain and the second is the General Top Level Domain. Top Level Domain helps us to know certain elements contained in a website such as the type of business, the location of a country, the school website and even the government. So that in short, using Top Level Domain, we can track the location of the origin of a website and also the type of website.

– Free Domain

After knowing about Top Level Domain or which is often abbreviated as TLD, then let’s explore the Free Domain. Free Domain is a hosting package that is not charged or free. This is because the cost of the domain has been bundled into one with hosting and packaged with a one-year payment or depending on the agreement. Free Domain is taken from the word in English Free which means free. There are many Free Domains available on the Internet with both Indonesian and American (USA) basics. Just choose which one best suits your needs. There are even some who distribute free domains by lottery with a certain time limit.

Who is in charge of managing domain traffic?

ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a non-profit organization established in America. ICANN is what will regulate all traffic and develop TLD until now. Later the Domain will go to web hosting using a DNS Server.

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